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Total : RM 22.50
Unit Price :RM 0.45
Total Price (Including Shipping Price) : RM 22.50

LOMO Card Printing: Creating a stylish photo and look that's truly yours.

Print your LOMO Fans Card with us. Using high quality and genuine FUJIFILM Inkjet Photo Paper, the color will last for 10 Years and all the photo are WATER PROOF. Our sizes 64mm x 89mm comes with 4mm top, left and right and with 10mm white border at bottom. Forget about the hassle, with just a few clicks away, you can now make your order through our friendly and reliable online services. With just a 2 days turnaround time, you will receive your LOMO card in hand and you are good to go again!

If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote. Thank you. 



Size of the LOMO Card Specification.

LOMO Card size

LOMO Card Width Size

64mm x 89mm50RM 22.50
100RM 42.00
150RM 60.00
200RM 76.00
250RM 95.00
300RM 108.00
350RM 126.00
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