About Us - Image Hub Printing And Photo Services


Image Hub started in the year 2005, we began as a photography company that provides services such as taking pictures in and out of the studio and at the same time developing pictures that will preserve your memories in printed form. Our founder, Jesse, first started off his career in Chan Sam Lock, he has been very passionate about the art of photography for years and more often than not, immersing himself fully into his work and fulfilling the requirements of his customers by giving his best to them. Later on in the business, he has decided that it is time for him to expand what he currently has, and bringing in what is even better, which is the business of digital printing services.

Being born and raised in Ipoh, a small yet historical town, he understands that it is vital to evolve with time and also the change needed in order to provide what’s best for the people around. Digital printing in no longer a foreign process for these digital natives yet it is time-savvy for your convenience. His aim is to provide some of the best products available and to make sure that it is affordable by everyone.